Household Portable Mini Exercise Bike Folding Pedal Exerciser With Display


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Household portable mini exercise bike folding pedal exerciser and display


  • This mini pedal trainer can easily exercise your arms and legs and burn calories. It is easy to install, takes up little space and is easy to carry.
  • Function display: The display monitors your movements by displaying exercise time, speed count, revolutions per minute (rpm) and calories burned. It also includes a scan function that displays all measured values ​​in sequence.
  • Compact, lightweight, foldable design allows you to carry it around or use it, fold it up and store it easily under a chair or bed; exercise on weekdays while watching or watching TV; just put each leg on top Spring pin can be folded up and folded
  • Adjustable resistance knob: The pedal trainer is almost completely assembled, except that the resistance knob should be mounted on the body; this easy-to-rotate knob allows you to adjust the intensity of your workout time


  • Material: steel pipe
  • Assembly size: 50x 41x 28cm / 19.68x16.14x11.02in
  • Packing size: 39 × 35 × 18cm / 15.35x13.77x7.08in
  • Product weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
  • Scope: family, gym


  • 1 X mini exercise bike