Gravity Induction Grinder Gravity Induction Mini Smart Salt Pepper Grinder Electric Grinder Pepper


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Material: SUS stainless steel ring, black ABS plastic shell, acrylic silo, ceramic grinding core.

Gross weight: black single package 335G, set weight: 662G Stainless steel model single package 375G, set weight: 700G

Packaging: 40 pieces per box, packaging: 20 sets per setBox

Set color box size: 7*13.5*26.5cm

Single color box size: 7*7*26.5cm

The size of the iron frame is 7x13.5x26.5cm 180g. The iron frame is in stock

Box size: 43*30*44 cm

Net weight: 14 kg

Gross weight 15kg

Black suit with iron frame:

Color box size: 7.5x14x27cm

Black plastic set weight: 842g

Stainless steel set weight: 990g

Note: Delivery without battery.