Gooseneck Electric Kettle, Pour Over Coffee Kettle Hot Water Tea Kettle,Stainless Steel Inner With Leak Proof Design,Rapid Heating, Auto Shutoff


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  • Engineered for Convenience: Say goodbye to the hassle of waiting for your water to boil! This electric kettles for boiling water is so easy to use, you can press the button and walk away to conquer other tasks. With a blazing 1000W of power, it'll have your water boiling in just 3-5minutes—faster and safer than those ancient stovetops. Plus, our hot water tea kettle has a built-in controller, so it knows when to stop the party and let you enjoy your aromatic coffee or tea, stress-free.
  • Delicate Pour-Over Experience: Gooseneck Electric Kettle is a delicate pour over kettle, The ergonomic handle and the 90-degree spout angleensure steady and evenpouring. The precise pouring of the gooseneck spout ensures that the hot water evenly infuses the ground coffee or tea to extract more flavor and aroma. This helps to create drinks that taste rich and balanced. Precision pouring with a gooseneck water boiler is more than just making a drink, it's an immersive experience.
  • 100% Stainless Steel Inner: Our electric tea kettle features 304 stainless steel throughout its water-contact surfaces, guaranteeing. pure sips, free from plastic odors or chemicals. 100% BPA-free, ensuring a source of pure, healthy water. No more worries about rust or scaling issues, ensuring you enjoy the most authentic taste, indulging in the richness of coffee and the layers of tea.
  • Auto Safety Features: Stylish base with easy-to-use power switch, dry-boil protection and auto-off function, it will automatically turn off when the water boils or there is no water in the kettle to give you peace of mind; and you can store and hide the cord under the base to give the gooseneck kettle a clean and crisp look. Equipped with an ergonomic non-slip handle, it is extremely comfortable to use.
  • After-Sales Guarantee: The electric water boiler with almost no noise during work, won't bother anyone beside you. This is a reliable stainless steel electric kettle that will serve your family for the next decade. If you have an unsatisfied experience, we are eager to hear your valuable feedback. We have a team on call ready to be contacted 24H/7D via email. We also guarantee to provide you with the best solution.