Dual USB Charging Station Charger Stock Docking Station Stand for PS4 Game Controller


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Dual Wireless Charger Controller for PS4 Controller.
Connecting the cable will also allow charging during use.
The product can be double charged and can also be used as a stand to save space.
The use of environmentally friendly materials, durable and equipped with a USB cable.
The handle can be stored as a stand and can be charged at any time.
Name:Dual USB Stand Charger
Input Voltage:DC 5V
Connection Method:USB
Interface Type:Micro interface


Insert the USB plug of the charging line configured for the product into the PS4 host, or into the USB socket of the computer and other standard DC5V power adapter, and insert the micro male of the charging line into the micro female of the product charging base, and start to power the product.
Install the PS4 handle upside down on the product, so that its micro interface can be plugged into the charging slot of the product in the correct way to charge it, or two PS4 handles can be charged at the same time. The charging state of the handle indicator light can be mapped in the charging flute of the product. The charging light display of the handle indicates that the product is charging the battery pack.
The PS4 handle is fully charged, and the charging indicator light of the handle is off, and there is no light mapping display in the charging flute, indicating that the handle is fully charged.
The PS4 handle can control the charging state by itself. When the power is not charged automatically, the power will be cut off automatically.

Package Included:

1 x Stand Charger
1 x Base
1 x USB
(This product does not include game controllers)