5 Minutes Door Lock Mortiser Jig Kit With Three Cutters


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5 Minutes Door Lock Mortiser Jig Kit With Three Cutters

Material:Tungsten ,Aluminum alloy,Plastic

1. Easy install and operate.
2. Can be used on wooden or aluminium doors .
3. Robust construction and precision manufacture.
4. Increases accuracy and speed of mortice cutting.
5. Fast and accurate on doors from 0cm - 13.5cm thick .
6. Supplied complete with operating manual and plastic carry case.
7. All parts are replaceable with three cutters (18mm, 22mm, 25mm) .
8. Users just use electric drill to connect with this device, then you can start work.
9. This tool set is specially giving help for opening the slot and hole of the doors.
10. Uses vertical guides, height and depth stops to ensure you do not overrun the cut area.
11. Quite suitable for installing hotel doors, security doors and modifying door locks, etc.

Package included:
1 X Jig Kit Door Lock Mortiser
3 x Cutters (18mm,22mm,25mm)
2 x Allen Key (2.5mm,5mm)
1 x Spanner
1 x Ruler
1 x Plastic carrying case
1 X Instruction Manual