Clothes Garment Price Label Tagging Tag Gun Machine with 1000 Barbs and 5 Steel Needles


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Description :

Clothes Garment Price Label Tagging Tags Gun Machine with 1000 Barbs and 5 Steel Needles
Tagging gun features:
Standard price label tag machine with 1pc needle.
Special hard shell and inner metal instruction for attaching cardboards/brand labels/price labels to thick and hard material of leather,luggage,box ,toys.
Also for attaching tag to clothes, garments, socks, etc.

Lightweight handheld operation.
With safe needle cover and wrist strap.
Works well with regular barbs, attachments and hook attaches.
Works well with regular needles.
Sturdy ABS shell material for durable and long-lasting use.
Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)plastic
Color: Black and White
Size:11 x 11.5cm

Tagging barbs features:
1000pcs standard price label tagging barbs for all regular tagging guns.
Nice tool for attaching cardboards/brand labels/price labels to clothes,garments,toys,luggage,socks,etc.
Material: Polypropylene(PP)Plastic

Tagging needles features:
Needle with concave design, plastic tagging barbs can go smoothly.
5 needles packed in 1 box.
Material: Steel
Color: Sliver
Length: 3cm

Methods of operation:
1.To replace the needle push the ear on the needle lock forward and pull the old needle out.
2.Position the new needle with the locking groove up.
3.Push in the new needle all the way and then turn the needle lock facing to the back of the gun .
4.This locks the needle into place.

1. Take a plastic needle, insert it in the top of the cross-shaped slot of tag gun.
2. Press the tag gun handle, the plastic needle come out.
3. Insert the needle through the hole of the tag, directly inserted into the inner garment, the plastic needle come out, attached to clothing, you can hang tag.
4. When removing plastic needle,First pressed down the black button Above Tag Gun, you can exit the plastic needle.
Package includeds :

1 x Tag Gun
5 x Tagging Needle
1000 x Barb
Details pictures :