SUNX3 Pink 18 LED Nail Lamp With Screen And Sensor


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-When both hands reach into the machine, the automatic sensor will activate automatically.
-The LED display starts to record when you cure.
-Comfortable eye contact with sunny nails to reduce the burning sensation.
-Low-calorie mode reduces pain as the gel cures
-Dual-source lamp beads dry all glue: Built-in 12 UV / LED dual-source lamp beads, dry UV phototherapy glue, extension glue, LED nail glue and functional glue
-USB connector / cable is very convenient and practical and can be powered by PC / laptop, mobile power or directly connected to wall socket.
-Suitable for professional or home use.
Type: UV LED Nail Light
Color: Pink
Power Type: USB Connector Cable
LED Lights: 18LED Lights
(1 cm = 10 mm = 0.39 inches)
 Package Included:
1X UV LED Nail Light
1X USB Cable
Detail Pictures: