2m Self Priming FuelTransfer Siphon Pump


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  2m Self Priming Liquid Transfer Siphon Pump 2m Self Priming Liquid Transfer Siphon Pump2m Self Priming Fuel Siphon Pump Water Fuel Jiggle Syphon Hose

- This Self Priming Syphon Tube eliminates the risk of swallowing or inhaling harmful liquids.

- Easy to use, just shake the Syphon up and down rapidly and the built-in check valve system primes the syphon.

- Works with many liquids such as water, petrol, diesel, kerosene, fertilizer, insecticides, thinners, paint, lubricants & solvents. Great for emergencies!

- Many applications for home, marine, aviation, industrial, automotive, planes, boats, jetskis, ATV's, aquariums, waterbeds, home brewing, and many other uses.

- Works in shallow containers and can be connected to a garden hose to increase it's length.
- Anti-static tube and non-spark copper pump will not ignite flamable liquids.

How it works:
- Place the copper nozzle with bead into the fluid container.
- Start the flow of liquid by jiggling the nozzle up and down at a rate of 1 per second.
- Once the flow has started make sure the copper head touches the bottom of the container.

Material: plastic
Tube length: 2m (approx. 6ft 6in.)
Tube Outer diameter 1.8cm; inner diameter 1.4cm
Weight: 310g
Package: pc bag

Package includes:
1 pcs x self priming syphon hose