Portable Door locks Travel Lock Additional Security Lock and Privacy

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- Portable safety door buckle lock is simple operate and easy to carry.
- It provide extra security and confidentiality, and can be used as an emergency lock for storage cabinets and indoor door locks.
- Double buckle can also be used as a bottle opener.
- The product is sturdy and reliable, easy to install, no drill bit required.
- Lock is suitable for travel, school, home, hotel door lock, apartment residence.
- Requirements for use: open inward wooden doors and the door gap width is greater than 3mm.
- This is a good gift for women or people who love to travel and all who have safety awareness.

1. Material: chrome-plated carbon steel, 304 stainless steel
2. Size: 15.2cm x 7cm x 2.6cm
3. Colour: red/black
4. Weight: 130g
5. Package: retail package

Package Includes:
1 pcs x Door Lock